Memorandum  of


Women Empowerment Cell

I.            NAME:
               The name of society is ‘Siddarth Institute of Engineering & Technology Women Empowerment Cell, in short “SIETK WEC”    and the above title is irrevocable.

II.         OFFICE:
                The Registered office of the Cell is located at Siddarth Institute of Engineering and Technology, Puttur, Chittoor District, A.P.

                 The “SIETK WEC“, may have activities extended anywhere in AP.

Our Mission is to explore, design and implement technological based magnificent change in the society and concur to the freedom feminism among the patriarchal society in expression of antifeminism.
Our vision is to acquire the world free of thoughts where women’s rights are to be respected, imposing that women are strong, effective, and well-resourced to collate for achievement and to be free from gender biased society.
               The SIETK, Women Empowerment Cell is a voluntary organization formed with the following aims and objectives:
a.    To maintain and update contacts of WEC.
b.    To conduct meetings regularly at least once in a Semester.
c.    To communicate the college events periodically to the WEC.
d.    To invite the WEC to visit the campus and take their suggestions for the future improvement of the institute.
e.    To request the WEC to extend their contributions towards the development of the institute.
f.    To take up help of WEC to enhance the self - confidence among women.
g.    To take WEC guidance working towards establishment of healthy and friendly environment.
h.    To help the poor and bright students with the help of WEC
i.     To help the unsettled WEC with the support of WEC.
j.     To promote professional knowledge of its members by publicizing newsletters, journals and conducting scientific conferences, workshops and seminars
k.    To do all other such things as the WEC may consider necessary.
V.            The names, occupations and designations of the members of the committee to whom the management of affairs of the Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology Women Empowerment Cell are entrusted are as follows:


The formal inauguration of the Women's Cell was held on 23rd January 2010. Prior to this, publicity material was developed for the Cell in the form of bi-lingual posters announcing the constitution of the Cell, its purpose, mode of approaching the members and confidentiality of the
complaint. Another flier with the slogan: Women at Work: Protest Not Fear was prepared for
SIETK - Electronics and Communications Engineering Page 46
the benefit of all members. A special e-mail account was created to
encourage women to complain to the cell. The inauguration had a keynote address on 'Gender
Relations at Work Place' followed by a speeches by the committee members. The ceremony
was well attended by faculty, employees, staff and students of SIETK.
A Complaints Committee was constituted with three members of the Cell and representative to
scrutinize complaints received by the Cell before putting it for discussion to all the members of
the Cell. To begin with, it was decided that a workshop he held for the non-teaching staff
members and their supervisors to evolve proactive measures towards building a 'healthy,
congenial environment' suitable to a modern work-place.
Along with students and staff, the Women's Cell celebrated International Women's Day on
March 8, 2011 with the Chief Guest's Speech on "Role of Women in Engineering" followed
by a dance program. In the meanwhile the Cell received two complaints from one woman
employee and one staff respectively. However, a closer scrutiny and talk with the complainant
revealed that the nature of the problems were not related to sexual harassment or gender
discrimination and hence did not fall within the purview of the Women's Cell. Such decisions
were conveyed to the complainants.